Circular economy

Promoting reliable data, a shared vision, collaboration and innovation to maximise re-use of primary materials and products.

Using resources more efficiently, avoiding the production of waste and encouraging re-utilisation, re-use and recycling are the central tenets of the circular economy.

The King Baudouin Foundation is committed to the transition towards a circular economy through the development of a shared vision, support for innovation and coalitions between those in the sector, and by making relevant data available.

Our activities

  • analysis of employment and the potential for employment in the circular economy (barometer, indicators, research etc.)
  • support for innovative projects that strengthen employment, skills and competencies in sectors with high density of labour (construction, up-cycling, repair etc.)
  • support for transition in circular neighbourhoods, rural regions and towns
  • encouraging understanding of innovation and success factors in promoting a better use of agro-food waste.

Circular economy is part of the programme Climate, the environment and biodiversity

Calls for projects

2022 Fonds Ernest Solvay - Spring Selection

Promoting scientific and sustainable development, both in Belgium and abroad.


2021 Fonds Ernest Solvay

Promoting scientific and sustainable development, both in Belgium and abroad.

Selection announced

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At the Ferme Nos Pilifs, nothing goes to waste!

Circular economy

"Here, all the waste wood is recycled - not just that which we recover, but also that we produce."
Eric Frère
Coordinator of the Bout2Bois project at the Ferme Nos Pilifs