Executive Staff

Takes responsibility for the Foundation's day-to-day management and implements its strategic plan.


The Executive Staff of the King Baudouin Foundation takes care of the day-to-day running of the Foundation and draws up its strategic plan.


The Executive Staff is composed of a Managing Director and four Directors:

Luc Tayart de Borms

Managing Director

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  • Overall coordination
  • Communication
  • Human resources
  • Evaluation and knowledge management
  • International

Jérémie Leroy

  • Finance
  • Grants and donations
  • Heritage and culture
  • Philanthropy
  • Logistics

Françoise Pissart

  • Social justice and poverty
  • Education and development of talents
  • Social engagement

Gerrit Rauws

  • Health
  • Education and development of talents
  • Climate, the environment and biodiversity

Stefan Schäfers

  • Europe
  • International development
  • Digital transformation
  • German-speaking Community

KBFUS and KBF CANADA, both of which are part of the King Baudouin Foundation network, each have a Director who works in close contact with the Foundation’s Executive Staff.

Jean-Paul Warmoes


Benoît Fontaine


Alongside the management, a team of almost 100 members of staff put their knowledge and skills to work in the service of delivering the Foundation’s mission.

Two watchwords guide their work: responsibility and confidence.