Strengthening the non-profit sector

Providing structural support to associations to boost their impact, stimulating the digital transformation of the voluntary sector and making effective tools of governance available.

Associations play a vital role in the proper functioning of democracy. Their impact on society depends not just on their financial resources but also on the quality of their leadership, governance, and their capacity to innovate and to adapt to technological developments.

The King Baudouin Foundation takes to heart its mission to strengthen associations in an effort to help them meet the challenges they face, particularly in relation to digitalisation. We listen to their needs and build bridges between them and key actors.

Our activities

  • managing and developing the Venture Philanthropy Fund, which provides structural support for associations in various fields, including digitalisation, economic strategy and modelling, governance, financial management and impact evaluation
  • support and stimulation of the digital transformation of the voluntary sector
  • support for the sector in its use of data used for public interest
  • making available to associations tools of governance, such as

Strengthening the non-profit sector is part of the programme Social engagement

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Association Amel Ghizen

soutenir les activités de l’association Amel Ghizen à Djerba, Tunisie

Developing a responsible approach to the rural environment, in Djerba (Tunisia), mainly in the environmental field, but also in the social, economic and cultural fields.

Aide et Action France

ALFA - A Light for Africa : Electrification de l'école élémentaire d'Edioungou au Sénégal

Installing electricity at Edioungou Primary School (Senegal), to improve learning conditions and access to quality education; installing lamps and a fan in the classrooms, provid…

Association Petits Princes

Association Petits Princes

Making dreams come true for seriously ill children and adolescents with cancer, leukaemia and certain genetic diseases, giving them the energy to keep fighting their illness thro…

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Fund Venture Philanthropy

The Venture Philanthropy Fund supports associations and companies established in the social economy in Belgium and who work to encourage social inclusion in Belgium. Support take…

Photo competition

Have you received support from the Foundation in 2021? Have you accomplished a project of public interest? Take part in our photo competition.

Funds and philanthropic tools

European Friends of The International Crisis Group

The ICG is an independent not-for-profit non-governmental that works to prevent and resolve armed conflict around the world.

Press Releases

Almost 100,000 euros for eight new cycle projects in Brussels

03 11 2021

The Bikes in Brussels Fund is supporting 8 cycle park projects for public bodies, associations and schools in the Brussels Region, worth a total of almost 100,000 euros.