Philanthropic action for SMEs

Support a project of common interest, or one or more specific organisations.

Would your SME like to support a particular project of general interest, or one or more specific organisations?

If so, then a philanthropic action for SMEs is ideal, irrespective of whether the amounts involved are large or more modest. This tool is extremely flexible, very fast and it reduces administration to the absolute minimum.


A philanthropic action for SMEs has a duration of one year, although this may be extended at the request of the initiator.

How it works

A Philanthropic action for SMEs is created after approval by the King Baudouin Foundation’s independent Corporate Philanthropy Committee. The Foundation manages the resource of your philanthropic action, takes care of tax aspects and provides aid where required. It gathers together the donations received on the philanthropic action’s account and ensures that the organisation puts your donations to good use to meet the objectives established. The Foundation issues a tax certificate to your SME for the tax authorities, examines recommendations for support proposed by your SME and, if these are agreed, implements them by providing financial support to the beneficiaries recommended.


Your SME agrees to transfer an annual amount of at least 10,000 euros to support the philanthropic action. Each year, the King Baudouin Foundation is authorised to deduct 5% of the total amount in donations made to the philanthropic action to finance its own activities. This percentage is degressive for cumulated donation amounts of over 100,000 euros: 2% between 100,000 and 400,000 euros, 1% between 400,000 and 700,000 euros, and 0.5% for amounts above 700,000 euros.


The assets of a philanthropic action for SMEs are constituted by an annual contribution to the account via the King Baudouin Foundation’s account BE10 0000 0000 0404. These transfers are tax-deductible from taxable income (Article 145/33 of the Belgian Income Tax Code).


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+32 2 549 02 31

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