Remaining Africa

Support for philanthropists wishing to get involved with projects of public interest in Africa.

Africa is one of the continents where the King Baudouin Foundation is most committed internationally, in accordance with the wishes of philanthropists and donors who get involved alongside us. In addition to the countries that benefit in priority from our activities, we also support projects of public interest elsewhere in Africa and this in various fields including health, fighting poverty, training, the economy and the climate. In order to increase our impact, we work with other partners and philanthropic organisations, including KBFUS and KBF CANADA.

Our activities

  • we support individuals, organisations and businesses that wish to contribute to improving the living conditions of people in Africa
  • we support individuals and local organisations that contribute to the development of their country
  • and we allocate loans and bank guarantees to actors in civil society. Further information can be found in our sub-programme Businesses for development.

Remaining Africa is part of the programme International

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WWF Belgium

Wildlife Program - West Zambezi Landscape

Strengthen local institutions and programmes to protect wildlife in national parks and wildlife management areas in the West Zambezi landscape.

Township Roots

Township Roots: literacy intervention project for vulnerable children (South Africa).

High-quality teaching for children learning to read through play, helping them in their future schooling and provision of support to parents.

Sparklekids NPC

Sparklekids: from poverty to self-sufficiency for students in Overstrand (South Africa).

Provision of education and skills development, supported by mentoring throughout the period.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Urgency Identity Africa (Fund)

Promote a culture of systematic birth registration in sub-Saharan Africa among parents, local authorities and the State.

The Swallow Fund (Friends of The Swallow Fund)

Philanthropists support The Swallow School’s project with a view to contributing to reforms in teaching, training and development in Gambia.

EFFA Fund (Friends of EFFA Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of inpo EFFA in the Republic of Angola that encourage education, professional training, medical assistance, the promotion of cultural heritage et…


Revisiting Congo’s history to build its future

Remaining Africa

“Our citizens have always refused to surrender.”
Elikia M’Bokolo

The FXBVillage model helps the poorest in the world to regain their dignity, with sustained results

Remaining Africa

"Our approach simultaneously addresses five aspects in an integrated way: nutrition, health, education, healthy housing and environment, and economic empowerment."
Christine Eggs
Director of FXB